Monday, September 22, 2014

Good Uncle/Elder Ryan

Dearest Mother,

I'm glad you had lots of opportunity to play with the little people. I miss them. I wish we would have random people show up at our building! We did have one of our investigators come though! He has been coming regularly for the past month, but is struggling to understand the need for a second baptism under proper authority. humph. We started a stop smoking workshop with him and we are excited to see his end results! This man could use all the prayers in the world right now! Good for Brianne! Now if she would just write me :) I thought I told Sara to stay away from boys! I love treats! especially chocolate! :) We have a whopping 3 youth! WOOT WOOT!! Its crazy over here on Wednesdays! Only one of them is active though. We are in the process of reactivating the others. The one who is active is named Sophia Landers and she is the model that Disney used to draw lilo for lilo and stitch. Crazy right? The whole branch here could use boosts! Have the babes confound the wise and learned! I have not run into any Futrells. I was told by another missionary that he thinks he might have met some in the Chickasha area. But who knows. Nope no new leadership! :( I finally got fed up and threw a temper-tantrum! I called Pres. Walkenhorst and told him all that was going on (or the lack there of) he told me he would be calling the stake president to discuss of branch in depth. So Elder B2 might have become a thorn in some peoples sides! I like it! ;) muahahaha. I love you all so very much!

 As for my little Repunzel, I love you a whole bunch! I have a picture of you right next to my desk so every morning I see you and your brother and sisters faces! It makes me super happy every time I look at it! You are getting to be super cute, smart, and big! I hope you have the bestest bithday ever! Have grandpa give you a big ol' kiss for me! Then give your baby sister a kiss for me too! I love you!

Uncle Ryan.

I mean Elder Burnham(B2)

Not a Second Wasted. :)

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